Cubby's Starling Surprise!
Spring flying is always exciting and now that we've escaped from this past winter, let's talk about getting our girls ready... Just yesterday I was outside preflighting the decathlon and a starling flew up, sat on the wing and looked at me... I didn't know what to do, so I pretended not to see him, but his stare was menacing and direct... I must admit, the feeling of discomfort was strange being that this half pound aerobat was making me uneasy. Well, rightfully so, those things have some sharp beaks you know... So anyway, as I'm checking the oil and going over the cowl a piece of a leaf catches my eye, and upon further investigation i discovered a well built starling home right inside the cowl!!! Kudos to the starling for being as quick and stealthy as he was to do this...and even without permits! ... least he could have done was ask me if its ok...very discourteous if you ask me...

So what am I driving at here? ... it's springtime and we need to pay attention to preflight inspections as some planes have been sitting for a short while through the winter... Check your oil, check your fluids, check your cowl, check everything!!! And beware of the Starlings!!!! Sorry fella, gonna have to find a new home :)
Florida to New York in a P-51
Here’s the deal, and I'm not going to beat around the bush. I got to fly back in a P-51 mustang…a P-51 mustang…that’s right you read it correct. But that’s not all, even though it’s the best part. Here’s the story.

Sir Chris Baranaskis met me at Brookhaven airport to leave our cars for when we come back. Our Taxi Driver Jimmy jr. was kind enough to drive to Islip airport to leave on a morning flight with southwest bound for Florida.

We eventually got there and a little bit early in fact. We decided that we felt like getting ripped off on some food so we went to the cafeteria area in the airport to buy some breakfast. I was excellent. Not the food but the way they charged us ten buck, for a couple of bagels and a drink. I love it! > > Read more
Why you can't afford not to go to Texas Road House
If you are at least a private pilot then this message could change the way you think about Southern food. Being a pilot doesn't mean taking off from your own airport, flying around then coming back to land. You have a plane! Go places! And if you’re into ribs then I have just the treat for you.

The first step in the process is to fly into New Bedford airport "EWB" in Massachusetts. Contact the tower to taxi to Colonial Air Service. Once you have parked at Colonial simply get out and go into the main FBO Colonial Air: Unicom 122.95 which is hard to miss unless you have lost your vision in which you shouldn’t be flying in the first place. > > Read More