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"Pearl Harbor Memorial Flight Visits Northeast Airpark - Dec, 2012"
Aircraft Fueling Facility Update: 6-27-2011
Northeast Airpark is pleased to announce its grand opening of Northeast Aviation Fuels. Through hard work, and a dedicated staff,construction of our new state of the art fueling station was completed in April 2011. Servicesinclude a 24 hour 100LL self service station, and full service from our 2,000 gallon 100LLfuel truck. We are also pleased to announce our status as a branded Shell Fuels dealer. Our quality of fuel is of our utmost concern, and our fuel prices are very competitive. Cable/internet ready hanger rentals can be scheduled to view by contacting Scott at 631 399 3348 Please check back shortly for updates and weekly news articles as well as our fuel prices. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to check with our staff which are here 7 days a week from 8 - 5.
Happy flying and see you soon!
Aircraft Fueling Facility
Northeast Airpark in conjunction with Shell Aviation Fuels is very proud to annouce the beginning of construction on our aircraft fueling facility which will include self serve pumps and a AVGAS fuel truck. We are hoping for project completion and look forward to begin providing AVGAS to customers in the begining of 2011. At this point the construction should not have an affect on the traffic flow within the airpark .
Please contact me with any questions or concerns,
Scotty Gerber, Manager, Northeast Airpark.
Fosters Farm Fly Inn
Saturday, September 18th, the squadron of three Cubs,the Super Decathalon and the beautiful Stearman based at NEAP flew out to Fosters Farm (a private grass strip) in Sagaponack NY. It is a very short strip, about 1800' with wires and a tree at one end giving you about 1600' usable runway landing to the north. That being said it is beautifuly maintained and the owner made us feel very welcome. Some great vintage aircraft showed up including a J-5 Piper Cub (seats three) and a Ryan PT-17. Also there was an antique steam engine show and I must say only in the Hamptons can you find a porta-potti with air-conditioning. It was a great day out and i encourage any NEAP pilots to sent me a short story and pics of any place cool you flew into that you want to share.
Fosters Farm Fly-In Fosters Farm Fly-In Fosters Farm Fly-In
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I hope everybody got a lot of flying done this summer.
I just wanted to share a unique opportunity I had with all our Northeast Airpark Pilots. I have had the chance to fly a 1947 Mooney Mite. It lives in Hangar 5 at NEAP if anyone wants to see this unique aircraft. It is all wood,has a 65HP Lycoming engine,full manual mechanical retractable landing gear,flaps and a full flying tail. It was basically Al Mooney's first design and will cruise well over 120mph on 4gph and really is a pleasure to fly.

While I have everyone attention I just want to mention the hurricane pins on the doors. These are the vertical pins on the doors that slide into the concrete floor. please ensure they are "up and locked" for normal use as with some of them if you lower them and try to open the door it will jam the door. These are only to be used in a hurricane situation and it's imperative that they are retracted before the door is opened.

Blue Skys to all, Scotty
Updates for Airpark Tenants
1. We are pleased to announce the completion of the Gazebo project for all to enjoy throughout these upcoming summer months. The Gazebo will be dedicated to the memory of our good friend Bob Baranaskas, and as soon as the date is set for the dedication ceremony, it will be posted for all to attend and remember our friend.

2. As many of you may have noticed the automotive traffic flow around the airpark has changed slightly.

Please utilize the existing taxiways to the east of Ed's Aircraft Refinishing hangar. There is a dirt section across the grass, soon to be paved, which will act as the new entrance. We will try to post signs to make this more noticeable, but if you could please pass the word it would help ease some confusion. I would also like to again, PLEASE ask that driving over the existing grass be avoided, as it results in additional maintainence which is truly unnecessary should you only take a moment to use the posted entrances. We put forth a lot of effort in keeping the grounds beautiful for everyone, and we would only ask for considerations like this in return. Please respect the grounds.

3. We are still in the approval phase for our own fuel farm so I would again, please ask everyone to keep the fire extinguishers in your hangar up to date and charged. If you don't have one, you are required to obtain one. Inspections will be conducted in the following weeks, and any hangars found to be missing fire protection, Northeast airpark will provide/install the required extinguisher. This charge will be reflected in your monthly bill as well as any maintenance, ie. recharging, thereafter. Please always think of fire safety when you are in your hangar .

4. If anyone is still having problems with the up and down limits on their hangar doors please contact me immediately. I can't get it fixed if I don't know that your having a problem.

5. Remember to get out and fly your airplanes!

Best Regards to all, Scotty
Hangar Available
Northeast Airpark has one heated box hangar w/epoxy type painted floor/3136 Sq. Ft. available for immediate occupancy and one heated 6000 Sq. Ft. box hangar with bathroom and 60' door available Sept 1st. See or contact Scotty 631-300-8428 at the Airpark for details.
Pilots for Paws
February 5 , 2010: - Northeast Airpark pilots provide rescue flights for PAWS Click to watch video >>
WBAB's 7th Annual New Year's Day Cold Finger Run
Northeast Airpark is proud to be the destination for the 2010 "Cold Finger Run
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Hangar Safety Part III
As we approach the cooler weather and hurricane season here are some tips for a safe operations. Many of the doors have hurricane pins. If a hurricane or very high winds are forecast drop the pins into the drilled holes in the concrete floor. If the hangar door does not have an automatic cable retraction system for the pins REMEMBER to pull the pins back up before opening the door. .
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Hangar Safety Part II
As our summer season brings lots of activity to the airpark, here is a quick reminder for everyone regarding the overall safety while at Northeast. Please remember to check your fire extinguishers making sure they are in date, and indicate fully charged tank if they have a site gauge. Make sure your hangar has at least one extinguisher as required by our local fire code.
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Hangar Doors and Safety
I wanted to take a moment to talk about hangar doors and safety.When we fly we all use checklists for operating our aircraft to increase our safety factor. The same can apply to hangar doors. We have had four instances where hangar doors have damaged vehicles and the personnel doors on hangars at Northeast. Fortunately no injuries other than the pride of the operators and damage to doors and vehicles.
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Robert Baranaskas
Words cannot express the sadness we feel at the loss of our good friend and colleague. Bob Baranaskas, a true gentleman, passed away on Sunday, April 5th when he crashed while practicing in his Curtiss-Wright P-40 "Warhawk".
In Bob's memory donations can be made to the;
Bob Baranaskas Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 398, Northport, NY 11768
Cubby's Starling Surprise!
Spring flying is always exciting and now that we've escaped from this past winter, let's talk about getting our girls ready... Just yesterday I was outside preflighting the decathlon and a starling flew up, sat on the wing and looked at me... I didn't know what to do, so I pretended not to see him, but his stare was menacing and direct... I must admit, the feeling of discomfort was strange being that this half pound aerobat was making me uneasy.
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Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? I used to say this as a pilot who wore a parachute on most every flight, but never knew the feeling of freefall. As time passed by, my curiosity got the best of me, and soon enough I found myself strapped to the chest of a tandem master, experiencing everything I had hoped it to be. Since then, I've received my USPA license and have been skydiving every chance I get. An addiction? Perhaps, but the love for this sport along with the comradery of peers makes for an exciting, yet familiar environment.>> more info
2007 Pennsylvania Aerobatic Championships
In spite of low morning clouds each day, a stiff wind on Saturday, and freshly sprayed Farmer's Miracle-Grow (Chicken Manure) scenting the air, 21 pilots in four categories competed in the 2007 Pennsylvania Aerobatic Championships. Many there felt it should have been called the Pennsylvania Aquatic Championships, but certainly not Jeff “Cubby “Petrocelli, competing in his first contest.>> more info
Ed's Aviation Aircraft Refinishing
For aviators, aircraft maintenance is one of the more important aspects in the spectrum of safe air operations. By, properly maintaining and meticulously protecting your aircraft from wear and corrosion you can expect a lifetime of safe flight operations.>> more info
Competition Aerobatics with Scott Gerber
The sport of competition aerobatics is known to very few people and often confused  with air show aerobatics. Competition aerobatics started in Europe not soon after the airplane had been invented. Pilots would meet at various competitions in an airshow type atmosphere and compete with the judging done by other pilots, local celebrities or sometimes by the applause of the crowd.>> more info
Saturday Barbeque at Pilot's Lounge
Everyone is invited to our barbecues held at the new pilots lounge. Burgers, hotdogs, soda and chips will be available. Join all your neighbors for a relaxed and fun get together. It is a great opportunity to meet some of our new neighbors in phase II. Selected Saturdays 1100 till 1400. Check the 2008 calendar for upcoming dates. >> more info