Hangar Safety Part III
As we approach the cooler weather and hurricane season here are some tips for a safe operations. Many of the doors have hurricane pins. If a hurricane or very high winds are forecast drop the pins into the drilled holes in the concrete floor. If the hangar door does not have an automatic cable retraction system for the pins REMEMBER to pull the pins back up before opening the door.

If you bring your airplane over to the pilots lounge to wash it remember to chock it especially if its a little windy and if practical turn it so that the nose is pointing into the wind. We will try to keep the water on as long as practical but at the first frost we need to turn it off so we don't freeze pipes.

Once again I remind everyone of the importance of having a charged fire extinguisher in your hangar. Besides being a fire code law you never know when you will need it. Recently I had to use one here when a piece of landscaping equipment caught fire. It was the difference between a little burnt paint on our mower and losing the whole piece of equipment.

Another thing to remember is please do not ever refuel your airplane while it's in the hangar.This is an absolute. Don't get lazy no matter how cold it is. This is another firm rule as per the fire code.

I want to wish safe and fun flying to all our tenants.

Scotty Gerber
Northeast Airpark