Why you can't afford not to go to Texas Road House
If you are at least a private pilot then this message could change the way you think about Southern food. Being a pilot doesn't mean taking off from your own airport, flying around then coming back to land. You have a plane! Go places! And if youíre into ribs then I have just the treat for you.

The first step in the process is to fly into New Bedford airport "EWB" in Massachusetts. Contact the tower to taxi to Colonial Air Service. Once you have parked at Colonial simply get out and go into the main FBO Colonial Air: Unicom 122.95 which is hard to miss unless you have lost your vision in which you shouldnít be flying in the first place.

Once in the FBO they will have a crew car, but it might be a good idea to call ahead and make sure itís not down for service or some other reason. I give the person behind the desk a couple of dollars for a tip but you donít always have to do that. Once in the FBO just ask for the directions for the Texas Road House and they will give you a piece of paper with directions to the Marriott in Dartmouth. The Marriot??? Yeah the Marriott, because the Texas Road House is right next to it!

The restaurant is only about a 7-10 minute drive from the FBO. First off, hereís a tip you need to know before entering. Remember to keep your jaw closed after seeing all the pretty honeys that work there. Besides the great looks you get great service. Once you get seated at your table, donít even look at the menu. The vocabulary you need to know is ribs, ribsÖ..and oh yea ribs. The ribs at the Texas Road House are "fall off the boneĒ finger licking good.
I think we used a whole stack of napkins because the ribs are that juicy. The bread that they have there is also amazing. Hitting on the waitresses is also acceptable but not necessary. Everyone we met gave us great service, with great personality and really made our meal worth the trip.

That's all I can say about the experience of going to the Texas Road House, and I donít want to say any more because you need to experience it for yourself. Have fun and enjoy the best ribs that you have ever had in your life!