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Dont Forget!! NEAP tennants get a nicely discounted fuel price. Call or radio 122.85 for more.
Community hangar space available for immediate occupancy. Nightly and weekly hangar space is available to transient aircraft. Call for information.

Check Out Our Awesome Video Promoting The Airpark - April 3, 2014
Special Welcome and Thanks To All Our New Turbine Operators - March 28, 2013
All of us at Northeast Airpark would like to welcome and thank all of our new turbine operators that are taking advantage of the facilities and full service Jet A fueling operations.

Stop in and say hello, and we hope to see everyone on the ramp this spring.


Holiday Get Together for KHWV Users Group: December 27, 2012 5pm
We are hoping we can get some members together for a holiday drink on December 27, 5pm, at Mike’s Place in Mastic. It has been some time since we scheduled a meeting, and, I was hoping that we might discuss potential topics of interest and come up with a date to plan a new meeting of the User’s Group. Regardless, it would be great to see you folks again and simply enjoy some holiday libation in a fun setting.

All the best for a happy and healthy holiday season, and we hope to see you there.


Northeast Airpark now has SUV courtesy car available!

We our proud to announce the addition of a Jeep Cherokee SUV courstesy car available to our transient customers.

Contact us for details


Summer Is Here, Four Quick Tips For A Safe, Fun & Enjoyable 2012 Flying Seasion
I hope everybody has had a good winter and now that spring is here it is time to kick the tires and light the fires and fly that machine of yours but here are some ideas before you head off into the wild blue yonder:

: I always schedule my annual inspection for the Cub for late winter early spring to start off the "flying season" with all outstanding squawks and discrepancies repaired. I consider the first flight after an annual a "test flight" and never take passengers on that flight,would never launch into IMC (if I had a machine capable of it) and always do a lenthy pre-flight as even the best IA-AP is human and a very likely time for a mechanical issue can be right after maintinance is preformed. I should say, I have never in my thirty years of flying much of it in Aerobatic planes/Antiques etc had an issue with my trusted IA-AP as they are meticulous but that being said I inspect all the work myself everytime and use the term "trust but verify".

WATER IS FOR DRINKING: For our customers and friends in the tiedowns especially but this applies to all aircraft owners its critical to routinely inspect your fuel caps (everytime you fuel up) and replace immediately any worn or old gaskets or cracked caps.Look closely especially if they are plastic caps.

SLOW DOWN: sometimes due to work schedules/personal schedules etc I have found myself rushing thru a preflight or a checklist. When you feel external non-flying pressures creep into your flying routine SLOW DOWN, look at the details.As we all know in aviation (or any mode of transport) the devil is in the details and the one overlooked critical item is often the first link in the accident chain.

FIND A CFI: if your feel your skills have deteriotated,if your using 3000' of HWV's 4200' runways to land your C-172,if you're uncomfortable in crosswinds,with slow flight or stalls or going into short fields find a competent instructor who's familiar with your machine and get some dual instruction.

I hope everyone has a great summer season, Blue Skys, Scotty
Northeast Airpark’s First Annual Freeze Fest Fly-In"A Great Success!!

"Thank you to all who braved the wind and cold and came out for Freezefest 2012"
check out the pictures on line at the links below:

We cant wait to do it again next year!!

Northeast Airpark’s First Annual Freeze Fest Fly-In

"Due to High Winds forecast our first annual Freeze Fest
is rescheduled to Saturday March 10th@10:30 am"

Northeast Airpark’s First Annual Freeze Fest Fly-In

Well there’s no snow on the runway so we might as well have a party right? Colder temps mean better performance so lets get out and enjoy some chilly weather flying! A little cabin heat makes perfect sense to come on out, and join us at Northeast Airpark’s first annual Freeze Fest Fly-in. We’ll have some hot dogs, burgers and chili to keep the fire going… Don’t worry about Brookhaven’s landing fee, (what do you get for $7.00 anyways besides some good deer watching on 15-33? Please check this link to see how you can help with this) we will absorb it as long as you get some go go juice from our newly installed state of the art fueling station. A 10 gallon minimum purchase is your ticket in… Join us on Sat March 10th, 2012 for some food, fun and flying. Call the airpark for more details.

Call To Action, Calling all Pilots!

When comparing landing fee requirements as per local airports on long island, Brookhaven Airport (KHWV) ranks among the highest. Furthermore, there are no airport services on location to justify such a fee when compared to existing conditions at neighboring fields. The fee increases over the years are directly responsible for diminishing traffic to and from this once great aviation community. It can be great again, and with your voices of concern we can fight these unjustified increases to afford the general aviation community a place with open arms instead of above average fees for lesser services when compared to neighboring airports.

Please send emails to Supervisor Lesko here.

The rest of the Brookhavens Elected officials are listed here.
Brookhaven airport is District 6.


"Nov 19, 2011 Fly in is a great success!"

Nov, 19th was a great day of "Fun, Food and Flying!"

Thanks to all who attended the fly-in to make it a fun and safe day for all. Please visit us on Facebook and feel free to post any pics you might have taken. Thanks, Scotty

Aviation Fly In - Nov 19, 2011 "Fun, Food and Flying!"

Join us Nov, 19th for a day of "Fun, Food and Flying!"

Enjoy a day of fun in the sun at Brookhaven Airport & Northeast Airpark for a Fly in lunch-in.
From 10am - 2pm See Tail draggers, Antiques, Experimentals and much much more
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and other refreshments will be offerd. Purchase 10 Gallons of AVGAS and recieve a"FREE" lunch. The day is sponsored by Northeast Airpark, Ed's Aircraft Refinishing and Airpark Aviation Services.

Non HWV based planes will not be charged landing fees from 10am to 2pm

Brookhaven Airport Users Group Fall Meeting - OCTOBER 6, 2011

There is a meeting scheduled for the BAUG: OCTOBER 6, 2011

Eastern Suffolk BOCES-KHWV Campus Located at the entrance to Calabro Airport on the East side. at 7pm We look forward to seeing everyone again and will be providing updates regarding our airport and our progress with the Town of Brookhaven.This meeting will qualify for WINGS credits. So, please be sure to register on SPANS,

We are also interested to know about any new concerns that might need to be addressed at KHWV..

Aircraft Fueling Facility Update: 6-27-2011

Northeast Airpark is pleased to announce its grand opening of Northeast Aviation Fuels. Through hard work, and a dedicated staff,construction of our new state of the art fueling station was completed in April 2011. Servicesinclude a 24 hour 100LL self service station, and full service from our 2,000 gallon 100LLfuel truck. We are also pleased to announce our status as a branded Shell Fuels dealer. Our quality of fuel is of our utmost concern, and our fuel prices are very competitive.
Cable/internet ready hanger rentals can be scheduled to view by contacting Scott at 631-399-3348. Please check back shortly for updates and weekly news articles as well as our fuel prices. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to check with our staff which are here 7 days a week from 8 - 5.
Happy flying and see you soon!

Aircraft Fueling Facility Update
Northeast Airpark in conjunction with Shell Aviation Fuels is very proud to annouce the beginning of construction on our aircraft fueling facility which will include self serve pumps and a AVGAS fuel truck. We are hoping for project completion and look forward to begin providing AVGAS to customers in the begining of 2011. At this point the construction should not have an affect on the traffic flow within the airpark .
Please contact me with any questions or concerns,
Scotty Gerber, Manager, Northeast Airpark.
Fosters Farm Fly Inn
Saturday, September 18th, the squadron of three Cubs,the Super Decathalon and the beautiful Stearman based at NEAP flew out to Fosters Farm (a private grass strip) in Sagaponack NY. It is a very short strip, about 1800' with wires and a tree at one end giving you about 1600' usable runway landing to the north. That being said it is beautifuly maintained and the owner made us feel very welcome. Some great vintage aircraft showed up including a J-5 Piper Cub (seats three) and a Ryan PT-17. Also there was an antique steam engine show and I must say only in the Hamptons can you find a porta-potti with air-conditioning. It was a great day out and i encourage any NEAP pilots to sent me a short story and pics of any place cool you flew into that you want to share.
Fosters Farm Fly-In Fosters Farm Fly-In Fosters Farm Fly-In
click for larger image
I hope everybody got a lot of flying done this summer.
I just wanted to share a unique opportunity I had with all our Northeast Airpark Pilots. I have had the chance to fly a 1947 Mooney Mite. It lives in Hangar 5 at NEAP if anyone wants to see this unique aircraft. It is all wood,has a 65HP Lycoming engine,full manual mechanical retractable landing gear,flaps and a full flying tail. It was basically Al Mooney's first design and will cruise well over 120mph on 4gph and really is a pleasure to fly.

While I have everyone attention I just want to mention the hurricane pins on the doors. These are the vertical pins on the doors that slide into the concrete floor. please ensure they are "up and locked" for normal use as with some of them if you lower them and try to open the door it will jam the door. These are only to be used in a hurricane situation and it's imperative that they are retracted before the door is opened.

Blue Skys to all, Scotty
Hangar Available
Northeast Airpark has one heated box hangar w/epoxy type painted floor/3136 Sq. Ft. available for immediate occupancy and one heated 6000 Sq. Ft. box hangar with bathroom and 60' door available Sept 1st. See or contact Scotty 631-300-8428 at the Airpark for details.